I Did Not Sign Up To Have An Eating Disorder!

admin / November 2, 2017

Hi. It’s me again. Haley. The girl who is uncomfortably open about HAVING AN EATING DISORDER. How do you talk to her? What if you suggest we eat lasagna & lasagna turns out to be a trigger food? Do we just avoid her? No. How do I approach her? How do we hang out with her? She’s different now. She’s…

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i’m backkkkkk.. miss me? 

admin / October 29, 2017

Nobody probably noticed, but I “left” all my social media, as Haley back in 2016 so I could focus on myself! But being social media obsessed, I did open a new Snapchat, Instagram, and I started a YouTube in the name of @thinninghaley so that I could communicate with others that had made the same decision in their lives that…

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